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photoshop pen tool: create logo emblems/shapes the easy way!
Photoshop Drawing? or Create any custom shape and stroke it, fill it and manipulate it!

Basically you can turn any image into a shape then fill it with gradient, color, stroke it(make an out line of it), or anything you want!

Say you need to create a new unique clean emblem of a crow or map of the united kingdom: simply find a clean outline of the united kingdom or a crow in google, maybe by searching "united kingdom outline" or "crow clip art".

Then learn how to use photoshop pen tool the hard way

click the HQ button

Then learn how to create custom shapes in one click:

My problem was that I have needed to create logo emblems/shapes in either photoshop or illustrator, I normally use photoshop, I can draw a nice shape of something with my hand but it is much harder (sometimes impossible) for me to to draw it in photoshop cleanly, I dont know how people do it.

Often I have downloaded "photoshop shapes" but these are boring and widely used. So I made this to help you.

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