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Basic Shop Administration Guide

Below is a ruff guide on how to add products and edit your pages, as well as some useful likes to more information and tutorials. I am happy to add some items, however I believe you will find it easy to do.  You can call or email me any time you like with questions or to ask for modifications of the design or function of the site.

x How to add products

x How to edit your pages

x more than one picture of a product?

x How to change website thumb-nail sizes and use the image handler

x Zen Cart Newsletter Support and HTML template design

x Pre design Questions
x Questions for store designs 

x Need to add products, change stock, or add product attributes faster?
Store Manager for Zen Cart is a Windows application to manage products, categories, product attributes, orders, automate store maintenance, and other things in a more convenient and faster way.     It has a free trial.   It is complicated to setup and you will most likely need my support which I offer free on any package.   I have an existing licence so I can purchase an Additional License (for full version) with a 40% reseller discount. Total $58AUD for this product if you like it.

More Video Tutorials:
(note that the below videos contain allot of footage of things that will already be done for you after the the website has been setup

Stock with different Sizes or Attributer

If you are going to have stock with different size attributes please see

Option one: click here (manually remove attributes when they become unavailable)
Option two: chick here (set limited number of stock for each attribute. customer can not purchase more than set stock)

Auction Product Type

If you would like to be able to add products as Auction’s as well as add normal products please let me know as I will have to install this.
To add a product as an auction you simply select “Product – Auction” from the drop down list just next the “add product” button before you click the “add product”, Then it gives you all the auction fields when adding your product. It works well. Make sure you add an “Auction Ends” date or your site wont work.

Download Product Type

Tutorials found here

More Help

Zencart Tutorials:
Zencart forum:

No image resizing is needed as the inbuilt system converts the images to an optimal size automatically.

If image thumbnails are too small on the site, these can be modified to your liking. after you list some products I will review your site and change it to suit the design.  There will also be other things that need to be changed.

If you want me to move your shop to a private location before it go’s live to the public then just let me know.

One thing people seem to do is try to go browse the whole admin to see what they can do, this is a mistake as it could be confusing because there it too much to look at, if I were you I would stick with adding the products and editing pages and leave the rest of it up to me. The admin is made also for the designer of the site and not only for the owner of the shop who just wants to list and sell their items, and edit pages, etc.